Suggestion: check file access twice, BEFORE exporting too

If i export on some 10,000 of files complex info, it takes minutes. If i previously exported something with the same name, and the file is open in MS Excel (for example), Mp3tag gives me an error after creating the export: "File is not accessible". Suggestion: check it before, too.

Yes, i know, the file may become inaccessible, while creating export. So it would be best to have 2 checks. At the beginning of the export, i would warn to close the file.

OR (seems to be better): the warning after creating export, if needed: "Please, check the file availability!" NOT loosing the ready export data. Or, automatically renaming "Export file (2)", or with chance to choose. As in Total Commander (Multi rename tool).

By the way, the recently implemented similar function in data writing, when the file is busy, has also proved very useful.

Others' opinion?