Suggestion: Collapse-able folders

I edit a LOT of mp3s... An EXCESSIVE amount....

Anyways, sometimes I'll have sets of say 10 cds. Box sets that I'm tagging.

When I deal with them sometimes I'll open all folders at once, sometimes one folder at a time depending on the action I'm doing.

It would be VERY cool if there was a way to... have either a Collapse column with a + that allows you to collapse all the rows in 1 folder down to 1 folder just showing the row, not allowing it to be edited. So that way all the mp3s in that folder are still loaded, just not being used.

This way I can edit one folder at a time with certain actions, without worrying about re-loading all the other folders.

I understand if this suggestion isn't wanted by many, but it would improve my workflow a lot.

Probably more so then adding tabs even!

MAYBE you could actually add a REAL file tree folder navigation panel?

This way I could either select one folder, or highlight multiple?
I suppose even this way would require multiple loading of the folders.

Until you get an updated version (if ever) you can use a filter to reduce the amount of displayed files.