Suggestion: Convert / Clipboard - Tag

I'd love to have another option in the convert menu to bring tags from external sources. Now we have the Text file - Tag but mostly (ever) I don't have any text file but I rather find a track list on a web site of the author, copy that list, create a new text file in some temp directory, convert tags using Mp3tag and then delete the file. With the Clipboard - Tag I wouldn't have any of this file mess.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Could you please elaborate a little how you align the more or less random data on websites with the tags in the files by simply copying data into the clipboard?

Well, I mean that there would be no need to create a file, copy information from the site to the file, and then delete the file (which I almost always forget). You just copy a tracklist from a web site (as plain text, of course), go to Mp3Tag and on dialog very similar to the one we have now by selecting Convert / File - Tag you type in a regex to parse tags from the text in the clipboard.

In exactly the same way one imports tags from text file, except in this case the clipboard is the text up puddletag if you want to see it in action.

As you seem to know that function well, just out of interest: How does puddletag know which tag should be filled with which data from the clipboard.

In exactly the same way mp3tag & puddletag know how to interperet a text file - you specify a pattern string e.g. %track%. %artist% - %title%.

I asked for this functionality in mp3tag two years back and was ridiculed by regulars that knew better, Florian wasn't interested, so it never happened.

Thank you for clearifying.
I assumed that normal clipboard operations work more or less at the flick of a button and then without any further user interaction - which then would have made it guesswork where to put which data from the clipboard.
But with the intermediate step of defining a pattern (like for the other converters) this makes much more sense to me.
Thank you.

You're welcome, of course previously defined patterns are remembered from one launch of puddletag to the next, and the last used is also remembered throughout a puddletag session, so the intermediate step is generally just a visual confirmation that what you're seeing is the result you want and hitting Ok.