Suggestion: copyable text in Properties dialog

Just a suggestion that may bring convenience for some people,

In the "right click on file > Properties…" dialog, the texts might be made copyable.

A technical solution could be to change the Labels to TextBoxes tweaked to look the same, see this answer on Stack Overflow:

I find the information that can be copied in the extended tags dialogue - which also shows all the fields and not just some of them.
The read-onl information is missing, admittedly, but where should paste it after copying?
You can always create a report that exports all the data that you find in the properties dialogue to a text file.
So I wonder where the feature would add convenience (no criticism, just curiosity).

Indeed, that's why I specified "may… for some people".

It really depends on everyone's workflow. But for example, it could be a convenient way to copy the directory path.

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If you need to open the folder of a specific file and you also need to open the context menu to open the properties dialogue, you could use a previously created tool that opens an explorer window in the path of the file... very convenient.