Suggestion: Customizable toolbar and context menu

  1. An idea: Customizable toolbar and context menu - aka Opera Browser: Adding buttons and context menu item with available internal or user actions, options for removing (or only hidding) a few used items from the toolbar and context menu.
    Opera has all menus and buttons saved in .ini files and is possible add, edit or remove items with plain text editor (notepad...).

  2. Please, add to Tools -> Options switch for permanently deleting files with or without key Ctrl. As default with Ctrl, but with option to change.

  3. In Tag panel, if select some files with the same Genre, then i see only . I will see this genre.

Danke für Mp3Tag! Für mich ist das beste Programm für mp3!
Sorry for my english. Meine deutsch ist natürlich auch sehr schlecht :frowning: