Suggestion - Customizable track tooltips

How about a popup tooltip for tracks like Total Commander/dbPoweramp? Completely customizable to show any field, property or value we choose, just by mouse hover. Then we can see at a glance our important data and don't have to scroll horizontally to view all our columns or go to Extended Tags time after time.

I would like options for "also show other fields present in tag" and multiline fields. Also "Maximum line length" like dbPoweramp

Maybe only show tooltip when ctrl key is down so it is not intrusive and normal tooltip can be seen for overflowing columns if you wish. Also make normal tooltip multiline because sometimes it extends off the right side of the screen and is not entirely visible for very long fields.

Any support?

Seems like it might be a bit outside the scope of this project. As another program, sure.

I"ve been fairly happy with dbpoweramp's Explorer extension. It's fairly customizable. You can suppress whichever fields you like, and it appears to show everything else. I just wish it was a standalone install, as I don't use any other part of dbpoweramp.

+1 vote, absolutly.

The other things:

  1. Now tooltip in the tag panel, if content is multiline, are multiline, too. Is it a news, am I right?
  2. Answer/suggestion: is there a way to not hide the tooltip after some seconds, or regulate this time value? When, for example, a comment with hundreds of letters, it is not very comfortable to move the mouse over, 10 time, to read it all. :wink: