Suggestion - Disabling actions within a group?

Hi, I'm just wondering if it sounds a reasonable suggestion:

Just as we have checkboxes in the Action Groups for each action group, it would be handy to have such checkboxes INSIDE an action group for all the listed actions in it.

Sometimes when things go wrong, it's hard to trace back just what is causing the problem:

  • Going through each and ever suspicious script,
  • copy-pasting the data to like a notepad,
  • deleting the script,
  • run the whole bunch again to see if that was the one causing it. If not: making a new action, pasting everything back, going for the next script, etc etc...

(typical debugging process)

So it would be VERY useful to have either a simple checkbox or a disable button for each script inside the group, like the "...","copy", "delete" etc buttons are there. It would just simply ignore the given script(s).

I guess quite a few people had similar things happening.

To avoid the need to go through this, nowadays when I write a new script I create a whole new group for that ONE script only, temporarily, so I can keep using it for a while and if it's error-free for a week or whatever, I implement it in the list of one of the action groups.

But something can go wrong later on, which it does, so it's painstaking to do the whole thing again.

Any hope such can be implemented?

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Maybe not a bad idea, but I've never really experienced the problems that you describe when creating new action groups. I use the ability to duplicate action groups and the ability to duplicate actions within a group when debugging. Duplicate the suspect group to another so that you can preserve the original, then edit and test the new one.

Within an action group, duplicating an action, then having one of them modify a field with a different name is a good way to both preserve the original and to compare the results of an edit. Changing the target field to a dummy is also a way to effectively disable most actions.

Hey, thanks much for the thought. It is very useful.
You are absolutely right, I was gonna add to the end of my post that unless there is a better idea. Actually right after I posted it, the same came to my mind, now I feel kinda embarassed that I didn't notice such a straightforward and obvious solution :confused:

Although still, the fact remains that once you write an action all you can do is deleting it, no disable function.
Would be just a nice touch.

Been wanting this for a long time and just done a search.

Bumping this :slight_smile: