Suggestion: Discogs Album Art - Size

I'm sorry Amazon cover support is gone, but the Discogs replacement is very good. One issue though is that there are often many cover options, but no way to differentiate them in the "List of Search Results". My request is to have the height and width of the image here. Then one can at least rule out cassette covers, and if one is looking for larger images, it's easy to decide what to try. I realize that might make the request return more slowly, but I'm willing to wait... And also, perhaps the list could load instantly, and then in a "lazy" fashion, the height and width would load one by one from the top of the list going down.

Anyway, mp3 tag is great; thanks for keeping it going.

(I wonder... is there any way to do a Discogs search that includes the artist and the album? Some album titles are hard to search for.)