Suggestion: Documentation Examples

Let me start by saying I have been using MP3TAG for years, and I love it. I have donated several times to Florian to support the effort.

However, every once in a while I need to do something a little more complicated and when I refer to the documentation, it lacks examples or enough detail to figure out how to use the particular feature/function (or uses the names of the placeholders also as the sample data -- which is really confusing, e.g., An "artist" named "artist". For programmers, I'm sure it is easy, but for those of us who don't regularly use "man" pages, it makes it much more difficult, than if you were to say, use an example with Blackbird-Beatles-White Album.mp3

What brought me to write this my attempt to extract several tags that were all contained in a single tag. That is, the "title" tag contained the '"title" - "artist" - "album"'. So, I want to break that tag up and write the title, artist, and album tags separately. I know how to do this from a filename, but not from a tag.

I tried to use the Tag - Tag function, and I'm sure there is a simple way to do this, but I could not figure out by guessing nor by reading the documentation. And searching on "tag" or even "tag - tag" in the forum yields a ton of results.

I suspect my example is fairly common, so it would be great to have documentation that spells things out. I'm not a scripting guru nor a regex guru. So having documentation that spells things out a bit, using examples with words that are not the same as the tags would really help, and probably significantly reduce some of the support requests.

Again, I'm a big fan, so I hope this post is taken in the spirit of constructive criticism as it is intended.



I largely agree. The scripting functions documentation isn't very good, either.

If I recall, the Tag-Tag converter was the most recent one added, after the others. That probably explains why the documentation is so skimpy.

You can find many examples here in the forum messages.


The help provides some information, see

I doubt that you would have found any of the requested examples with these general search criteria.
E.g. a search with "split tag"
produces a thread that leads you exactly to the "Guess value" action.

THe philosophy is to get support ...
via the help
via the forum.
To my experience it is easier for most forum participants to ask first and read afterwards. Which is alright for me. I just try to explain why you find most examples in the forum threads.