Suggestion: drag and drop a piece of text WITHIN edit boxes

The possibility of drag and drop text pieces has come up several times, but not specifically within the box. I mean, as in text editors: with mouse i select a piece of text, and drag it to another place; or, holding Ctrl key, copy, instead of move.

This would be useful practically for every fields, not only for big ones, as comment.

You mean

like you would select a piece of text, press CTRL + X point to the target - not only within the same edit box - and then press CTRL + V?

Text CTRL+X and CTRL+V

Yes. It is often more expedient, when there is another piece of text on the clipboard, what i also want to use now, in this edit box. Plus, anyway, only the mouse is faster, than the mouse+keyboard. I have buttons on my mouse, and try in all applications to use only mouse, when it is possible.

Hmm... about your moving image. Basically i mean, drag and drop within the same one edit box. For example, COMMENT. Simply as in text editors. But yes, as you imagined, between two fields, too.