Suggestion - Duplicates


Not sure if i missed something or not but it would be nice if you could work in a way for MP3Tag to do duplicate file name scans. But not by exact filename matches rather partial file name matches.

doing a scan or listing would somehow inform the user the following files were found...

Evanescence - My Immortal.mp3
Evanescence - My Imm.mp3
Evanescence My Immortal.mp3
Evanesnce - My Imortal. mp3

You get the idea i think. This is a very handy feature that i curently have to find and use from a differnt program and i would really like to only use yours. Its fine that some programs will search for zero byte files and such but it really helps to find partial file name matches and then i can delete the duplicates easily.

Your thoughts on this?



Are there anymore thoughts?
Even finding duplicate title tags would help.

Surely this can't be beyond MP3TAG. - I'm even using it to cook breakfast and make a cup of tea :smiley:

Seriously, with all the input from the forum, it does seem to be able to cope with just about anything you throw at it.



As you can see here, this feature has been suggested before, and Florian isn't sure whether to add this or not.

I'm a big supporter of this feature, because it would save me from having to use a separate program (dupeGuru ME), but I have to admit this does go a little beyond the scope of an mp3 tag editor.

But if this was added to Mp3tag, it would certainly appeal to a broader audience. Many people out there already have tagging software they feel comfortable with, but not duplicate-finding software. This could be a point to buy them over with! :slight_smile: