Suggestion: 'Edit configuration' to use .MTE-associated app


It would be really good for 'Edit configuration' to use .MTE-associated app, rather than regardless use Notepad as currently. Failing this, to use a Options...-determined app.



I've added this to the latest Development Build. If there is no application associated with the .MTE file extension, Mp3tag opens the file using notepad.exe.

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To associate some special editor to .mte files someone may use the standard explorer dialogs or just import following statements to the registry. Note that the command line has to be adapted to point to the special used mte-editor.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00





@="D:\\\\Programme\\\\KEDITW\\\\KEDITW32.EXE \"%1\""

Note to Florian
Thank you very much for this new feature, but it seems working only on existing mte export scripts, so please put this feature onto the 'Export New' command too.