Suggestion: Feature to add the final 2 subdirectories to IDTAGs

Hello there,

Let me start off by saying how much i like this program! It works great and has helped me through a lot of nasty renaming issues.

I have a feature i would like to suggest though.
It would be really nice if there would be a possiblity to add the name of the subdirectory a .mp3 file is in to the IDTAG to the spot of your liking. (something like a %folder% or %subdirectory% parameter would be very nice).
The reason i would like this is, that i work with a lot of PC's and other devices that fully support the .M3U playlist format.
The most used program to support this format for me is winamp however, which can not show the subdirectory in the playlist.
Adding the subdirectory (or the final 2) directories to the IDTAG in the Artist field for example (next to the artist name) would be very convenient to keep a well organised playlist.
The subdirectory or the final 2 subdirectories, files are in are usually the album name and sometimes even albumname/cd#/.
It would be a very practical feature i think. :slight_smile:

Please tell me what you think.

You can use %_parent_directory% with action "Format value"
Please see help file for more information.

Ah, that feature is already in, that does look interesting. :slight_smile:
But! I ran into a problem when i changed the Tag format.

For example my files are in:

I changed the format value, by changing the Artist field from:
"%Artist%" to "%_parent_directory% %Artist%".

What happened was all the files in the folder got "Albums" in the tag field and not "Albumname".

Am i doing something wrong?

Ok, for that use %_directory%

That did the trick. Thanks a million! :smiley:

This utility is bliss if you are a DJ with 25.000+ Music files! :music:

So i was well under way with the Adding of Actions and formatting field values etc.

But it seems as if i have come across a slight bug.

I Have set an action that wil change the %title% field format from just the "%title%" to the "%Artist% - %title%".

If i try to do the same however with the tracknumber these will not get added. (While the Track number field is fully filled out).

So i am trying to go from "%Title%" to "%Track% - %Title%" using the same action called Format Value.

Am i overlooking something or might this be a bug?


Strangely enough i tried to do this action again a day later and now it seemed to work flawlessly. :slight_smile:

Figured, i'd just let you know.