Suggestion: FLAC Fields and Date+Time

First: Sorry about my english.

My suggestion:

  • Display the fields of information created by the user. The mp3tag only displays the standard mp3 ID. If there is a field created by the user, within the FLAC, the program does not display.

  • An option to keep the date and time of creation of the file, not only modification.

After install 2:57 version, always open mp3tag, it displays all files from a directory. Please, how to disable and start blank list?

And THANK YOU for this utility!

Have you tried Alt-T to display all the fields of a file?
If you have fields that you modify more frequently you can add these in the tag-panel and the columns - see the help for this.
In Tools>Options>Tags
You can set whether to keep the timestamp or not.
In Tools>Options>Folders
you can specify a start folder. if this folder has not files that are read by MP3tag then the files list remains empty.