Suggestion: folder rename

"Folder rename" feature needed.

Surely I could use such patterns under Tage->Filename convertion:

..\%artist% - %album%$num("%track%",2) - %title%

But such way I got empty (old) folder, or what's worser I got mp3s within the new folder and logs/covers/playlists/etc within the old one. Additionally, I must change current directory to continue editing of the files moved, that takes time to locate new hide-out of the files.

UPD: solved via Florian

You can try the action Format value for the field _DIRECTORY which renames the parent directory of the actual file.

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thank you! it works

Hi, i'm a new user of mp3tag, but I don't know to use it very well...

Like zencd, I want to rename the folder like this: %artist% - %albulm%. But I don't know how to do that, can you explain to me step by step that?

Thank you very much

Here they are:

goto options (ctrl+o)

press "Actions"

press "New" button (with no title), find it by its popup

type in the name of the action, like "Rename Dir"; press OK surely

press the same lookin "New" button

choose "Format value"; OK

choose "_DIRECTORY" as value of "Field"
"Formatting string" let be "%artist% - %album%" for the 1st time

press OK as many times as needed

an action created; then use it

  1. select a track in main window
  2. press Alt+5
  3. select your new action
  4. presss OK

Is it also possible to make a new folder?
Like a have some of the tracks in my folder that I want to
separate and add to a new folder, based on the same naming structure.
I have now a large folder with three different jazz concerts and I want to
split them into three folders...

I just can't figure it out...I bet it's possible with this incredible program that
I use every day!

Thank you zencd, it works!!!

Great program :music:

Yes, just use a backslash in your format string like

%artist%\\%year% %album%\\%_filename%

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