Suggestion for Adding Covers

It would be nice if I could point the program to a folder, such as "My Music" and have it go through all the subfolders. In each folder, assign the file "Folder.jpg" or file name I designate to the Cover tag of each MP3 file in that folder.

Windows Media Player creates this file in each album folder and uses that instead of putting the cover in the MP3 file. It would be nice to be able to tell the program to automatically incorporate this file into the MP3 files. This can currently be done by turning on the View option for hidden/system files and manually going through one folder at a time and selecting all MP3s in each folder then assigning the file "Folder.jpg" as the cover, but this is very tedious.

If there's a way to script the program to do this, please let me know.

CHeck out the help on "Import cover from file".

That page is very non descript. It hints that what I was asking can be done, but doesn't give much information as to "how". It says that variables can be used as place holders and gives a couple of them, but doesn't define them or say how to use them. Also, what other variables are there?

This is where tastes differ.

See this help page on variable names:

Ok, that helps enough that I can give it a try. I would recommend a link to this page be added to the other help item you sent me to.

Also, I see an %artist% variable but only the one for an artist. Is this Album Artist or Contributing Artist and is there one for the other?

Actually, you see the complete list in
The column on the left shows the field name, to address the field as a variable enclose the name in %.
And as this is all part of the online help I would recommend that you get acquainted with the various functions by reading the help before you claim that functions are not explained sufficiently or that I should add links to my answers.
You could have found all this on your own by just going through the FAQs.

Actually, your reply demonstrates the exact problem I've been referring to.

The list you sent me to shows "ALBUMARTIST" and "ARTIST", but doesn't explain them. Nor does it specify which the variable %artist% actually refers to (the previous page said that %artist%=ARTIST, I don't see a variable listed for "ALBUMARTIST"). It links the above names to the same name in WMP10, however, WMP10 has a field called "Contributing Artist" that I don't see explained at all. "Contributing Artist" is who actually sings the song, not necessarily the "Album Artist." For example, "Album Artist" could be "Various Artists" and the "Contributing Artist" be "Adele" if she sings that particular song on the album. Does "ARTIST" = WMP's "Contributing Artist"?

Yes, I could spend several hours going through your FAQs and help files. I tried doing a search first though to just jump to the parts that appeared they would have the info I was looking for, but that didn't work well. Items such as I mention above kept throwing me off. It's hard to keep reading when I'm saying to my self "what did that mean?" because there was no explanation for what was said. There may be an explanation elsewhere in the help, but again, that would mean spending hours going through the whole thing and trying to tie pieces together instead of there being a full complete explanation of a particular item in one place. The help file may have all the information, but it reads as if the person who wrote it fully knows the program and therefore understands what's been written and just needs a quick reminder of what they're doing instead of being written in a fashion that would allow someone new to easily and quickly learn the program.

The translations of individual fields from the internal filed name (you see these names as the 4-letter-mnemonics) to a more user-firendly label is the task of the local program.
What you have discovered is that Microsoft used for WMP apparently a different solution than MP3tag (and Itunes and WInamp and Foobar and many more).

If you are uncertain what a particular field in your program does I think there is only one way: experiment. Enter a unique string in ALBUMARTIST and see what WMP makes of it.
(To lift the secret: ARTIST is contributing artist, ALBUMARTIST is artist in WMP - so for sampler you should set ALBUMARTIST to Various o.s.l.t and ARTIST should reflect the artist of the individual track; for most albums released by single artist, both fields should show the same value).

And a general note on our dialogue: IMHO it is not a clever way to first ask for help and then complain about the offered help.

And yes, it takes hours if not days to get the knowledge of such a flexible program as MP3tag.
Learning speed and frustration tolerance vary individually.

So, no one forces you to use this program, I hope. If it does not meet your requirements, you can leave it.
But, if I see that correctly, it has already helped you to embed the cover files in your mp3s ... sp MP3tag and this forum cannot be all bad :wink:

The first statement here is what the complaint was about. Yes, I could spend time experimenting, but I went to the help file expecting my question to be answered instead of experimenting. When that didn't work, I came here and, as you said, the forum did help. Simply pointing out that what was available is frustrating in the way it's displayed doesn't mean it's no good. Also, I don't like to complain about something if I can't do something to try and improve it. Therefore, yes, I give suggestions and try to point out why I see something as a problem and why I think the suggestion may help. I'm hate it when folks just jump in and say "that's stupid" with no explanation. It may be that they didn't understand, but without an explanation, it's hard to tell. Since I gave an explanation and a description of what I expected, I would have hoped that that would have helped you in realizing where I was lost so that you could point me in the correct direction.

As far as the program goes, it appears that it will be a very good and nice program once I have it figured out.