Suggestion for Album Art simplicity

Hey... Just a suggestion that would be nice and very usefull

I normaly like to add my album art to my albums manualy....'

So i'd like to suggest a "Drag and Drop" when the Tag Panel (Ctrl+Q) is open for album art... would save much more time if I can just select the files and drop 'n drop Jpg/gif/png int the Album art!

Just a thought :stuck_out_tongue:

Would save more time than having to:

  1. select the files
  2. go to Extended tags..
  3. go to Add Cover...
  4. and browsing for the Album art image!

Happy New Years to one and all!

You can do that already :slight_smile:
You can also right click on the cover area to add a cover.

You can..... ?

Opps.... Im stull using version 2.45 ... Maybe thats why..... I'll update and give it a try!