Suggestion: freeze panes, as in Excel

In Excel, you can freeze panes horizontally and/or vertically anywhere. It would be great in the Mp3tag as well. At least vertically, for example, right after the icon (first column) to allways see the file type.

Or, similar: splitting the panel. Both solutions would provide many good options, as they do in Excel.

i think that the main difference to Excel is that MP3tag columns already have decent names - this would be the only case when I find locked lines useful. Also, I see a problem with sorting and selecting ranges.
In respect to the vertical locked list ... none of my use cases would benefit from it, but people are different.
And only because both programs present data in tables does not necessarily mean that both tables must behave in the same way.

Maybe less so for the rows, but I could see definite use cases for columns. Path, filename, and/or even track name could be fixed to the left side, while scrolling horizontally through the many other relevant tags.
Certainly not a bug, or a must. But a “nice to have” feature someday perhaps.