Suggestion: Full directory/file address in lower left corner

  1. Sometimes when I click on FLAC files that have no information, I have scrolled to the right so cannot see the name of the file.

  2. The lack of ID3 information means I still don't know what the file I am highlighting is.

  3. Instead of "Ready" it would be great if the file address was shown instead, everytime a file is highlighted. So selecting the file would show "C:\Users\User1\Music\FLAC\Prince - Purple Rain.flac" etc. Of course if multiple files are highlighted then the information does not need to be displayed because it obviously causes a conflict, but for selecting single entries, this would be appreciated.

Right now only double clicking actually shows the full address in this location but then the file starts to play. I don't want the file to play as I am scanning through many files quickly so just need a quick visual reference.


When the user holds selection and scrolls down or moves the pointer, the user always ends up with the last / current item. Thus it could be still shown in the same way just - but with additional indication that it is a part of a larger selection. Or just show MANY FILES SELECTED or whatever, just not the Ready

Just 2 suggestions while the feature is not there yet:

  • move the path column more to the middle of the list so that you can see it when you scrolled left or right
  • add another path column close to the columns that you need to look at when there is no information in the tags.