[Suggestion] In 'Tag Sources', group the 5 'Discogs' entries in a separate submenu

Currently the 5 Discogs entries in 'Tag Sources' are all separate:
My suggestion is to group them in a separate "Discogs" submenu which will contain:

  • Search by Album (the current 'Discogs' entry)
  • Search by Artist + Album
  • Search by Artist + Title
  • Search by Artist + Year
  • Search by Release ID

This could make the Tag Sources list initially more compact, i.e. initially showing only:

Cover Art

Here is what I mean (with the addition of Metal Archives):

I tried the same with Cover Art group:
i.e. (renaming e.g.
Cover Art#Discogs Artist + Album.src to
Cover Art#Discogs#Search by Artist + Album.src),
but it seems that multiple level subgroups are not supported.

Note: I have read the relevant documentation page and I could simply modify the entries for myself without posting this suggestion, but since they the Discogs is among the default tag source ones (=they are installed by default), therefore my modified versions would be overwritten the initial ungrouped entries would be re-added with every new Mp3Tag release update. That's why I'm suggesting this re-organize.

Thank you

PS. Using Mp3Tag 3.22 x64 on win11.

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They would not get overwritten, because when you create submenues with # you rename them. What you would get are parallel existing websource-entries in the menue - your modified and the original entries.

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Thank you for clarifying.
I still believe that my suggestion would be useful, as it would make the default Tag Sources list more compact and convenient to use.

For users that encounter web sources for the first time it would be more easily to see if all the script names are visible with a single click and glance and not need to navigate further.

You are right that it may be more convenient to group the scripts in sub menus if you have a lot scripts - but these would have been installed by you anyway.
So if the need arises to also group the default scripts together then you have the options to do so.

In any case, I think that the default 1st "Discogs" entry should be renamed to "Discogs Album" to make its function clearer, i.e.:

  • Discogs Album
  • Discogs Artist + Album
  • Discogs Artist + Title
  • Discogs Artist + Year
  • Discogs Release ID

The default "MusicBrainz" entry can remain as it is, i.e. not be renamed to "MusicBrainz Album + Artist",
because it is the only one from this source.

Mp3tag shows the name from the WebSourceScript file.
Therefore you can rename the Discogs.src file to whatever you like.
The name change will be visible immediately in Mp3tag.


Location for Discogs.src
File -> Open configuration folder -> subfolder \data -> subfolder \sources

For compatibility reasons:
first, there was a single script for Discogs, the one that is based on the album, just like the one for Musicbrainz. And then further scripts got developed and added. And they had to get different names, of course.
So, anyone who wants to participate in updates of the scripts that come with each installation, keeps the name and so does the creator.
Otherwise, you would have 2 scripts for the same purpose after the next update.

If you don't like the name, then other posters in this thread have suggested workarounds.

Thanks for clarifying.


Sorry for the confusion with my previous reply, I should have posted the screenshot below in instead of that bulleted list. Yes, I know that I can rename the various .src files to whatever I choose, that's how I did the screenshots in my OP.
My purpose in making the suggestion in my previous reply (renaming 'Discogs' to 'Discogs Album') was about the names of the default .src files when you first install Mp3tag:

This is how the list is currently for me:


In summary, I see that my suggestion with the OP (and with my previous reply) is not really worth implementing. Anyway, thanks for your replies.