[Suggestion] In 'Tag Sources', group the 5 'Discogs' entries in a separate submenu

Currently the 5 Discogs entries in 'Tag Sources' are all separate:
My suggestion is to group them in a separate "Discogs" submenu which will contain:

  • Search by Album (the current 'Discogs' entry)
  • Search by Artist + Album
  • Search by Artist + Title
  • Search by Artist + Year
  • Search by Release ID

This could make the Tag Sources list initially more compact, i.e. initially showing only:

Cover Art

Here is what I mean (with the addition of Metal Archives):

I tried the same with Cover Art group:
i.e. (renaming e.g.
Cover Art#Discogs Artist + Album.src to
Cover Art#Discogs#Search by Artist + Album.src),
but it seems that multiple level subgroups are not supported.

Note: I have read the relevant documentation page and I could simply modify the entries for myself without posting this suggestion, but since they the Discogs is among the default tag source ones (=they are installed by default), therefore my modified versions would be overwritten the initial ungrouped entries would be re-added with every new Mp3Tag release update. That's why I'm suggesting this re-organize.

Thank you

PS. Using Mp3Tag 3.22 x64 on win11.

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They would not get overwritten, because when you create submenues with # you rename them. What you would get are parallel existing websource-entries in the menue - your modified and the original entries.

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Thank you for clarifying.
I still believe that my suggestion would be useful, as it would make the default Tag Sources list more compact and convenient to use.