Suggestion: indicate, which field matches the criteria, if filtering in all fields

May be, i am being careless, but i could not find an answer. Is it possible to find out, in which field the result is (witch field matches), in case of a general filtering (in all fields)?

Example. I typed in foobar search: Mozart 370. It also found K-525 (Eine kleine nachtmusik). I thought, may be, it was referring to the K-370 (Concert-rondo) in the %composition% field, so i ran through it in Mp3tag. Then i checked the other fields. I finally found it: %discid% contains the number 370.

Of course, the task can be solved by exporting all the fields with the $list() function, to a text or spreadsheet (and so on) file, and searching there for the match. But a solution within Mp3tag would be more elegant. Does it exist? (Or in foobar?)

Now, of course, i also added the DISCID field in foobar search-exclude list: Preferences >> Advanced >> Search Filters.

Iā€™m not sure what your request is here. If a filter criteria in mp3tag is typed without a field, mp3tag simply returns any file that has that value.

Are you asking for a way to have mp3tag identify which field in each file listed has the filter value somehow? This could be useful if the field is visible in the main view window. But what if the field is not in a column that has been selected for the view?

Yes, this is, what i would like. I do not have a mature idea, that is, why i did not write it as a suggestion, but as a question. (Later: i modified the topic title.) Many implementations are possible.

In my main window practically all the fields are displayed.

One of the many possible solutions, for example, seems quite useful. If the filter is turned on, something in the Extended Tags Panel would indicate a match, such as a small asterisk after the field name, or grayer background, bold text and so on. In such a way, in addition, it is not a problem, if the field is not displayed.

Hmm... Theoretically, it would be more logical, if foobar had a solution for it, since Mp3tag is basically a tag writing application, search and filtering are much more the task of foobar. But, to view the tags is much easier and more beautiful in Mp3tag.

So a feature request then;
Highlight fields in the filtered file list where the filter result is found.

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... but only for the simple search without filter operation keywords.

How would you highlight criteria that starts with NOT?
How would you highlight tracks where only a comparison of fields and other properties leads to the result?
I still see the problem of fields with a lot of data like lyrics.
Also see this thread about generally highlighting tracks/fields after applying a filter:

Nothing like the discussed pros and cons have yet led to an implementation.
I see a problem, though, if the highlighting disappears as soon as you apply a filter keyword.

@ohrenkino, thanks for your reply too. I read (partially) the link, so what i did not want to write as a new comment earlier, is even more expedient now. Contrary to @MotleyG's closing sentence, i do not primarily want to see the highlights in the main view list: the Extended Tags Panel, with one of the previously mentioned highlight options, is more important to me.

Although, i do not see any difficulty in having the appropriate columns or column headers highlighted, too. Or ideally, even only the specific cells (the crossing of file row and field column, where the match exists). Or both type. (Remember Excel's row and column headers highlighting, when you click in a cell.)

I agree.

Logically, no highlight.

Logically, no highlight.

This is true. But this leads to another suggestion: highlight the match in the opened (by double-clicking) text-box of the field in Extended Tags Panel.

When the highlights disappear? I do not think, it is important at all. After all, for example, the filtered list does not change after corrections, until we click on the filter again.

I agree that there are many logistical issues with this. @ohrenkino You have brought up several that would certainly create some issues. Further complicating this would be complex filters with multiple criteria. In these cases would all of the fields that apply get highlighted?

So like the other thread perhaps not a black and white solution.

@incifinci Marking these in the tag panel would be no different than in the main column view. But again this would not be a benefit if the field found that meets the filter is not one that is actively displayed in either. Regardless I think if a solution for the above challenges can be found, this can also be addressed.