[Suggestion] Keyboard shortcut for "Search" button in Tag Source dialogue window

I know this might sound lazy but as I'm going through hundreds of folders of albums to tag, being able to use the Command+I shortcut followed by another to execute the Discogs database search for results would really speed things up. Any way to do this that I'm missing?

See the documentation for more shortcuts:

Would this help you:
Ctrl+Shift+I Last used Tag Source (Quick)

You're most likely referring to the Mac version of Mp3tag and there ⌘I opens the last used Tag Source. For most of the Tag Sources, the Search button is already focused (indicated by the focus ring around the button) and you could use the Space bar to trigger the search.

Yep, there we go! Had no idea Space would trigger the command. Thanks so much for that clarification, and for the incredible tagging utility!

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