Suggestion (Layout)

I have a recommendation for how complete albums and/or CD's are displayed. I occasionally buy bulk of music, down load into Windows and tag the credits through MP3 Tag Editor.

I woud be effective if the albums/CDs were separated by a space when opening MP3 Tag.

See attached jpg Windows vs MP3.

Not sure if its doable but worth suggesting

Your suggestion implies a certain workflow in which you sort by album.
To achieve this, you probably have sorted by tracknumber first and then by album.
How should the display look like if you sort by other criteria than album?
I suspect that this would lead to rather strange spacings.
So I am not sure if this would really improve the layout.

And, as Mp3tag does not evaluate any data between files, it would be rather hard to determine where to put the extra spacing.
Ah: and WMP usually only reads the final result, that, what MP3tag has produced.

I beg to differ.

I think what the OP wants is the ability to group by a field, be it albums or any other. This is similar to Windows Explorer grouping. It should improve the layout to have an empty row between a group. I think a worthy addition, but not a must-have.

You may modify your workflow a bit:

  1. Filter on a particular field such as album. It is a bit cumbersome to type it in.
  2. Load an album at a time.
  3. Dump all the tags to a tab sep text file and import into any spreadsheet program and solely use Mp3tag as an editor and not a manager.

Come to think of it, a grouping feature would be easier. It would be also great to have the following features, but not at the expense of bloat:

  1. User control of the row-banding colors.
  2. Freeze (as in Excel) a number of left-most columns.

It would be nice if you could easily (and quickly) select all of a "group", such as all files in an album or all tracks by a particular artist, or all files in a folder.

One possibility:

Use a filter. Filters currently require too much manual text entry to make this workable for quickly selecting subsets. Something you could do to improve the interface would be to add a "Filter by" selection in the context (right-click) menu. Use it by right-clicking any field in view and select "Filter by" and Mp3tag would automatically create a filter to select items with that field (or fields) having that value. For example, right-click on an album value in the file view and Mp3tag might create a filter like:

album IS "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot"

I realize that the columns in the file view can contain multiple fields, as well as scripting functions. If you like, you could limit the ability to simple columns displaying only a single field.