SUGGESTION: Make MP3Tag more generic

This is my first post on the forum but I have been using MP3Tag for quite some time and love it's features such as Filename/Filename renaming and so on.

It's such features that led me to post this suggestion. I was going through my old family photo library, adding tags here renaming files there. I usually do multiple file renames with some free web tool but I had recently used MP3Tag to rename some music files and wondered if I could use it the same way. I found that you could not but, being a programmer, thought it may be not too difficult add this feature?

Further, it would be great to have all the features of MP3Tag but specifically for picture tag editing - maybe a new application?

Hope this gives you some food for thought.


In some way you can, esp. with the function Convert>Filename-Filename and other functions that manipulate the OS file properties.
If you include the picture file extension(s) in Tools>Options>Tags>Limit to file types, then the files will also be displayed in the files list.
You cannot manipulate exif or iptc metadata. There are other programs (e.g. Acdsee) around that do just that (and they also usually have a renaming function).

Thanks for the reply. I have tried the setting and that really helps, I can use the rename filename/filename now.