SUGGESTION: Middle Button selection for a new Clipboard List function

The burden is this: there is this certain long task work than I repeat now and then whch forces me to copy filename from a file menager [or a TXT list] to the Filter box. I then select the exact file I need and perform certain actions defined by me on in. And then when all files [from folders or TXT list] are taken care off, I need to perform one clean up action for all of these files. But those files were not somehow pre-selected but loaded up with all of my files. And so I either need to:

A] Paste once again each name into the Filter box or chose it from the Filter box drop down history list - and still select the right one as there might be similar to the one that I was working on

B] Perform the clean up on all of the files - thus affecting the ramaining 99.5% files futely, risking possibility of some error / mishap

C] Apply the cleanup on the spot, just after "normal" actions were performed on a given file - which actions and then cleanup might have to be repetead if I forget performing some other actions or when I will have to reverse them for whatever reason

D] Somehow apply a marker in form of a special sign to the effected files in some of the fields- which is similar to method C

Eeach of these ways has it cons. And everyone is just tiresome

So what if I could just mark [and un-mark] a file by clicking middle mouse button? Both a single one and many ones selected together at a given moment? I see here three ways for it to be happening:

#1] Mp3tag could create a tag field for such files and just fill it with "1" or "YES" or whatever. This would be visible / editable by Columns and Tag Panel. But would probably not work for all of the file formats

#2] Mp3tag would add something else to a file than an editable tag field. But this would probably not work for any of the file formats and go way beyond what Mp3tag was designed for

#3] Mp3tag would store such selection information in a separate file or RAM. This would work as long as Mp3tag is not closed and / or the operating system is reseted; and as long as such fileses do not have their filename changed and / or such files are not moved to another location with a tool other than Mp3tag

There could be a combination of these options and the user could decide wich method to use. For example approach #1 becasue the user knows that the files will be MP3 and that format can take any value to any field. There should also be an icon that would display the marked files, that would allow the user to see them when a Column for them is not turned on. That would be something like a fixed sub-filter- the icon would activate it. A second icon then would be needed for cleaning of the sub-filter / list / markers [depending on the sollution implemented]. And the last wish would be that a marked file would be somehow higlighted by a color, preferably defined by the user. And also maybe there should be some safaety features like asking the user for comfirmation od deletion of such imbeded markers

If I could durign my operations just press MMB and then after ending that big task I just hit a button ona Toolbar to get in the main window a list of marked files- that would be a real time and click saver for me

Would anyone else benefit from such feature?

I think that mouse functions are governed by the manufacturer of the mouse software.
There are dedicated input devices around that allow to create macros and other shortcuts triggered by special mouse buttons - and these functions are then not only available for MP3tag but any other application.
So I would look around for suitable human interface devices.

Why you don't combine B) and C) and D) into 1 single action?

B you ask? It is a very complex action that for various reasons I keep as a separate important "entity", not mixing other actions with it

As for the C and D- it all about additional clicks and navigation in my actions menu. A repetitive and boring way

If I could mark them with a single click in the main window- that would be just one simple click. And then take clean all of them and only them altogether with execution