Suggestion: Minimize to tray on Close


hello everyone :slight_smile:

as a mp3tag heavy user I'm missing an option to make the close action minimize to tray icon, like it is on utorrent and other applications that we want to be always open.

sorry if anyone else already suggested this.

do you think that this is a good idea? please let us know here!

cheers everyone :rolleyes:


I like that option also. Look here and maybe Trayconizer (freeware) will fill your needs until (if?) the minimize to tray option is available.

Cheers :slight_smile:


You can minimize to tray with the Minimize button if that option is enabled at "Options > General"


we know that (we, I believe) :laughing: , but this is not as good as 'close minimize to tray' which is fast and without mistakes;

thanks ryerman, I did not know about that app. :book:


I really like the idea, everytime I close mp3tag accidentally (which happens a lot ^^), I have to reload my whole library.

A warning message would be okay though. mp3tag warns you about anything, why not when you close the application?

Or is there any way to prevent mp3tag from closing immediately?


I would suggest that you're not using Mp3tag optimally if you need a feature like this. You should almost never need to load your entire library in Mp3tag. Do you really edit tags in all of your files? Do you even need to view all tags in all files to edit tags in, say, a single album?

Use the Windows Explorer context menu feature and right-click only the subfolder that you need to work on, select Mp3tag, and it will take just seconds to load.

Or, if you organize your library by throwing all files into just one or just a few extremely large folders, you should organize the library better so that it's easier to work with.

That may not be a bad idea, but only as an option. It wouldn't hurt anything.


A late reply is better than no reply at all ^^

I found a solution by installing "TheBest Minimize to tray", which seems to be quite a good program. I still would like the feature to be included in mp3tag.

Yes, I edit tags in all of my files. My files are tagged quite perfectly, but there are exceptions. Some of them haven't got a year or genre. When I want to work on that, I will have to load my complete library into mp3tag, so I can sort by year or genre to see where those informations are missing.

My files are organized pretty well. A folder for each album within a folder for each artist. To track down the few not-properly tagged files i need to display my whole library (as described above).


Fixing missing tags like this should be a one-time operation. Load up the entire library (once), and fix whatever is missing. After that, load one album at a time in Mp3tag, and make sure you completely tag it so that you don't have to constantly fix things. If you constantly need to 'find' missing information then you're doing something very wrong.


Yeah, right. Thanks for your help.