Suggestion: Multiple Action windows

I have two suggestions for the Action window:

  1. Multiple Action windows
  2. Non-sticky tick boxes

Reason for 1) is that I have configured a lot of Actions/Action Groups, and it would be very practical to be able to sort them out over several windows instead of having them all in one place.

For example I have configured Actions for tagging "Style" that work very nicely (even for multi-values), but it has become quite an extensive list that would benefit of its own window. When adding Actions for other tasks it soon gets crowded in the present single window.

So it would be nice to have something like "Actions 1", "Actions 2", "Actions 3" etc in the menu bar or the sub menu, for grouping of different types of tasks.

I have earlier suggested pop-up windows in the Tag Panel in this thread: Tag Panel suggestion which I still think would be a great feature to have. But having multiple Action windows would be a great alternative, and easier to implement I guess.

Reason for 2) is that I have filled the Action window with a lot of actions/groups, and thus have to do a lot of un-ticking between sessions. It has happened that I forgot to un-tick a box when I wasn't focused, with unwanted results. I think that even if you don't have many Actions, some people would prefer the non-sticky principle, so perhaps an option for this could be considered?

Maybe you've already come across this but it's currently possible to organize actions into sub-menus by prefixing the desired name of the sub-menu followed by the hash symbol, which places that action into its own sub-menu within the Actions main menu.

Eg: Actions 1#Example action would place Example action within a newly formed Actions 1 sub-menu item.

Might cut down on some of the lengthy menu navigation, I know it helps for me :slight_smile:

Perhaps likewise you're aware of this feature but thought I'd mention it all the same: in the Actions manager window there's a Utils button drop-down menu that allows saving a selection of actions in order to restore the checked items later using the same menu.

To achieve a simple workaround you could save a selection of just one action (the minimum required to save a selection) to the default location (data\actions) and upon doing so it will appear in the Utils menu, able to be restored at any time. Could be named Empty or similar.

Just a method you may find useful. Can also obviously be used to save preset selections as well to cut down on re-selecting similar actions for different contexts. FWIW I personally agree that an option to clear/not save the checked action items upon closing/executing the Actions manager window would be useful.

Thanks for your input!

Yes, I use this shortcut for actions that can be executed immediately without any intervention. But the new feature that I am wishing for is that a dedicated Action Group window would show up where you could tick the desired boxes/actions before execution.

This way you could have dedicated Action Group windows for tasks that require many tick boxes and need intervention each time you use them.

This could be implemented in the menu bar itself (Convert - Actions1 - Actions2 - Actions3 - Tag Sources) but probably more practical in the sub-menu under "Actions (Quick)", where you also could name them to something else than "Actions 1" etc.

Yes, I'm aware of this and I've been using it as a workaround exactly like you describe it. But it's still a workaround, it would be a lot easier if the boxes were un-ticked from the start.

I'm glad to find that I'm not alone in thinking this!

Just to add my thought on the topic of ticked actions:
it would be nice if there were an info line that told you how many actions are currently selected so that you do not have to scroll up and down to see if there are any left overs. And an "unselect all" button would be nice.