Suggestion: multiple folder selection

Please forgive me if this has been requested before and I have failed to find it in the forums.

Mp3Tag's ability both for recursive (sub-folder) selection and to filter any selection are enormously useful, but sometimes the best way of getting the selection of tracks you need to work with is to select either a contiguous group (Shift-click) or a random selection (Ctrl-click) of folders. This can be done from the Windows Explorer context menu, but is not possible from the folder selection dialog within MP3Tag. Would it be possible to allow this capability in the folder selection dialog, please?


Once you have loaded the first set of files/folders into MP3tag, you can use the "folder-plus" function from the toolbar which lets you add another folder. This is sort of the Ctrl-Click function as a sequence of loading actions.

Also, you can drag&drop a selection of folders into MP3tag.
Or add another folder to an already loaded set by pressing the Ctrl-key during the drag&drop.

Thank you for the answer, which gives me all I could reasonably ask for.

I should have remembered the "add folder" function, though, as you point out, it only allows you to add one folder to the selection at one time. I wasn't aware of the drag and drop capability and so far have found no reference to it in the documentation, but it is clearly a very useful feature.

That said, it still seems odd to me that, when MP3Tag can handle multiple folders in seemingly almost any combination, its own native folder selection dialogs do not permit multi selection. But given the application's many other capabilities and virtues, it hardly seems fair to complain about it.