Suggestion (no more): Scratchpad for Mp3tag (It's here)

It would be very nice if we could have a simple scratchpad with a quick button in the toolbar to access it ( floating and dragable size always on top ( or off ) ) so we could add some words or sentences ( or regex ) for ( quick or later ) use and with support for copy, paste and save state feature.
(Maybe also tabs) :slight_smile:

Well here it is!

A Scratch pad almost integrated with Mp3tag.

The purpose of making it was because i wanted to have access to strings that i use almost every time i am editing my music files.
For example i have a tag ( mood ) witch can take a lot of strings.
With Foobar2000 the problem is solved via plugins that can hold my information as a drop down list but with Mp3tag that is not an option.
So now i can have a handy list with them for quick (copy - paste) access.

Another reason was that when i am editing actions i usually copy and paste and making allot of changes with regex syntax. So it is very nice to have somewhere to save them temporally in case i change my mind, or have a list with my favorites that i don't use very often.
It is also very good for storing search patterns and the story goes on...

Ok! You will tell me that you can do those things with notepad all alone.
I am not against that but with notepad you must open it, search and open your file that contains your info edit it, save it and go back. Also you have to search it at the taskbar (if it is opened) when a lot of programs are opened at ones.
With Scratchpad you hit Win+Space (only if you have it rolled up) and there it is. No need to search, open a file or save it.

My opinion is to use it for a while (if it works in the first place) and if you don't like it it's fine although i would like you to live me a comment about it!!!

Now. Why i am saying (if it works in the first place)?

Because i am not a programmer. In fact i have no knowledge of programming other than titleformat and some regex. I made this program searching the internet and reading the manual of Autohotkey.
For the history it took me almost a month for this small program to finish it and i have test it only in my laptop with windows 7 32bit.
I hope it works for everyone as it works for me , otherwise it's going to be a big disappointment.

The good things about it (again, if it works in the first place) are:

It's portable.
It starts with Mp3tag if you run scratchpad only.
(If you have Mp3tag installed it runs it automatically else you copy only the files in your portable folder of Mp3tag.)
It exits and saves when you close Mp3tag.
It stays always on top only when you use Mp3tag.
It follows Mp3tag staying always at it's title bar. (optional)
It is re sizable and it remembers it's position.

The bad things are:

Well!!! I am waiting for your replies.

At the tray icon you can find some options.

That's all. I hope you use it and to enjoy it.

Have nice holidays!!! (467.4 KB)

I think that there are already similar functions available outside Mp3tag.
Doesn't W10 come with this feature in the shape of "Sticky notes"?
And even the good ole Notepad (or Editor) could be used like that - and be added as a tool in the context menu.

Yes that's the way i use it right now but when i am doing heavy editing on my library ( with other programs opened like foobar2000, photoshop, spek, chrome, windows etc ) it's very confusing than having something quicker like my suggest don't you think so?

I do not comment on the suggestion itself. I did that in my younger years.
But as it is not always clear if a suggestion is intended as a request for one particular way to implement a function or whether it is the search for a principal solution which not necessarily has to follow the path of the requester's description but is more looking something to solve the problem.
I find it very often that feature requests are typical for a particular workflow and just as often a request is not really a big step forward in a slightly modified workflow.

Or to cut that short: my opinion on the request itself is completely irrelevant.

This is definitely not a request but a kind of a wish for feature.
I haven't thought to push the author to work 3 months to implement it.
But hey, if it is a work of 1 hour ( i have no knowledge of programming ) then i say that every tool even the most humble it's always a huge step forward for me and for the program itself!

I use Notepad2. As it does not require installation I have multiplied it to may versions. Each version has its EXE with a color coded icon [changed with Resource Hacker]. And every version has a slightly different config- in regard to displayed colors [matching does of the EXE icon]. And every version is for different TXT formats, renamed by be to TXT2, TXT3 etc.

This way a have a unique system of color coded simple TXT files. And I never get confused with them