Suggestion: one-click track numbering

Albums often don't have tracks in alphabetical order, which means the auto numbering feature won't help and results in having to click and edit the track field by hand for all files. A feature that automatically assigns and increments the track number whenever a file is merely selected would be great!

If you select all files from an album with Ctrl-Click (if necessary) then you can apply the track numbering assistant.

I would be hesitant to have a feature that automatically modifies data with just the trigger that I select the file (what would happen if I select all files with Ctrl-A ..? and I just want to execute an action ..)
So switching on off such a feature would require the same effort as using the track numbering assistant and is far more error-prone than the track numbering assistant.
So, for me I would not see a real benefit.

If you mean the auto-numbering wizard with "track numbering assistant" then I don't think that will work for me as this tool automatically assigns numbers to the files in their order listed, (often alphabetically) but I want custom ordering, like most albums.

Multiple select with this feature turned on could either ignore all other selections but the top (first) one or treat them all separately from top to bottom, so you would get 1, 2,...,n. My preference would go out to the latter but I don't think it really matters as most of the time you will be numbering the files one by one.

The order listed can be in many sorting possibilities. Whether it could be alphabetical by title if that is your current sorting method, or something as common as the filename, it really can depend on so many factors.

But if simplicity for access to the auto track numbering is what you seek, you do know that you can manually move tracks up and down in the main window, to force the correct order, then still activate the wizard and get those same results? I wouldn’t think this would take any more time than selecting each individual song and then forcing a track number update. Plus you can visually compare the final list for accuracy of the order before running the wizard as well.

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I didn't know you could move the tracks up and down manually. How does one do that? Dragging does not work, is there some tool I am missing?

If e.g. dragging would work then I think it is indeed sufficient.

Press Alt while dragging

See also the documentation:

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Using Alt dragging by mouse is the common method.
Alt+up/down arrows moves one line in that direction.
Alt+page up/page down move to the top/bottom of the list.


I never knew about the [ALT] function to move files. Thanks!

This program is so robust, there are still things I find after years of using it. Until you need it, you don't often think about it. This Alt-move capability was so helpful when I first started to clean up what wasn't exactly a "well-organized" library many years ago.

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