Suggestion - Option to create automated cronjob exports

I have a big archive with sorted music and I run an export more or less once a week.

It would be great to be able to create automatic (cronjob) exports. Maybe via the command line?
That way I always have the latest exports and don't have to do it manually. :slight_smile:

For example:
mp3tag -export "\Volume1\Music" --id=4 (select which configuration) --append=on (add data on or off)

I don't want to discourage you - but the idea of further command line parameters has been around for some time. And nothing like it has happened in that respect.
(this might be the underlying reason:

But perhaps you find a different way to achieve the same thing:

Even though the idea in that thread is to modify tags, the referenced tool might generate some kind of report/export.

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Thanks man, appreciate your comment!

I like the idea and I've also seen the comments about command line switches in the past. I'm just throwing it out there.

Maybe with enough use cases Florian will reconsider this or maybe find another way to implement it :slight_smile:

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