Suggestion: Option to delete empty dirs on move

I've looked all around and haven't seen this option (but excuse me if I just haven't seen it).

I've started using the %year% field in my path structures and I found I had several thousand tracks that didn't have the tag. Trying various solutions, I went with MusicBrainz Picard as the lookup in volumes like I had was very easy.

Not defecting - I like mp3tag too much but it did have a useful feature where it would delete empty folders on renaming (and give the option to move associated files like .jpg, .m3u).

I'd find this feature useful as I rip and download to a dump folder and then use mp3tag to move to my main structure but I have to go back to my source to cleanup.

You can actually rename folders with the action type "Format value", Field: _DIRECTORY

It renames the directory of the selected files, so files in your dump folder should already be in separate folders for each album.

As format string you can use an absolute or relative path.

Action type: Format value
Format string: C:\My Music\%artist%\%year% %album%

I think I'd still have to do a file rename on top if this though?

If I did this action to rename the dirs, I'd still need to rename the files.
But I suppose this would keep it in mp3tag.
Or maybe add the file rename to the action.

Need to read up on custom actions.... :slight_smile:

Thanks dano, I've now got my folder and file rename working as an action by breaking up my original rename string :slight_smile:

Some of my folders have other files I no longer want (old jpgs, old playlists) and they obviously come over on the rename. I'd like to have a batch that would remove any extra files defined as a tool, is there any way to get that into an action? I can't figure it out if there is!!