Suggestion: Portable configuration

Hello all,

New user of MP3Tag (am using v2.45a). Found the app after a search, since my music player, a Sansa Fuze, can't recognize ReplayGain with the tags I'm using (created by Tag&Rename). Resaved the tags w/ ID3v2.4, and ReplayGain is now working. Thanks much for a capable & compact program.

Suggestion: I have a number of different systems, and am trying for my apps to be portable. The advantage is that I'd need only to configure it once, and the values saved in an .ini file that can be readily copied (along with the program) to any other system w/o need to reconfiguring the app again. If possible, would suggest that the config files presently stored in the user document folder to be moved to the program folder as ini files, as an option for portable use. I hope you'd consider this, and thanks again for the program.



Hi Dano,

Thanks much for the speedy response and for the obvious solution. MP3Tag has now replaced Tag&Rename for all my taggings.