suggestion: possibility to edit history of select-boxes


mp3tag is a great tool, thanks for programming and maintaining it. There is only one feature I'm missing so far:

The history of select-boxes for paths and formatstrings is stored, which is great, but I could not find an easy way to remove strings from the history, that are no longer needed and history gets bigger and bigger.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to add the feature 'delete from histoy' via right mouseclick or to store the history-strings for each select-box in an ini-textfile instead of the cfg-file, so one can easily edit them using a text-editor.

Just one more wish: Because I usually don't use the tag-panel I wonder if the select-box with the history of used paths could be placed somewhere (upper right?) in the 'change folder'-dialog('Ordner suchen') which can be accessed from the icon bar.


You can remove strings by pressing SHIFT+DEL.


Thanks for the quick hint.
Is there another shortcut to sort history alphabetically?



Nope, don't think so.