Suggestion: Redo?


First let me thank you for this great program. I was an old time user of MP3Library and tried some tag programs now and then but always was coming back to MP3L. Finally in MP3Tag I have found a program that gives me much more possibilities and at the same time is simple to learn.

I have been working with some groups of tags all the morning and I think the undo function is great. My question is: What about a redo function? I guess that this function cannot be so difficult to implement isn't it?

As a Windows user I am very accustomed to work with the undo/redo functions of a lot of programs like the Office suite, Pinnacle Studio and many others. It could be very nice to have this feature present on Mp3tag too. Sometimes you use Ctrl+Z (undo) and then Ctrl+Y (redo) back and forth seeing your changes on the screen for an easy way to compare the state before and after them.

I have seen that this has been discussed last year in the german forum, but I would like to bring it to the international one now as my german is kind of rusty :slight_smile:

Thank you.

+1 for a "Redo" functionality!
It will be very useful (and not so difficult to implement I think).
I often use the "undo" functionality, but I always have to redo manually, that's frustrating.

you refer to actions then you can tick the action that you want to have carried out if you simply click the "actions" button in the toolbar. This cannot be triggered by the Ctrl-Y, though.

In general I wonder, where you could need such a redo.
Set a certain string in a field? -> Copy&Paste or Tag-Panel
Apply a certain mask for tag-filename? -> Alt-1 (the last used mask is still there)
Renumber tracks? -> track numbering wizard, but probably specific for a certain set of files.

So: where do you need it?

I don't understand why it couldn't be.
Are you talking about a "Replay" functionality?
I'm talking about a "Redo" functionality, which simply redo the last undo.

I sometime apply complex custom actions on a whole set of MP3, mainly ID3 tags transformation (accessed in the Actions menu). After having applied them, I sometimes don't realize if there are differences with the preceding state, so to look for the differences, I undo the actions in order to verify how were the tags before applying my actions. When verified, I may state that my actions were actually proper, so I apply them again (which could be replaced by the Redo functionality).

I only need the Redo functionality in the same scope than the Undo functionality : being able to Redo what has been Undo(ne).

I've added both

  • Redo, to redo the last undone action and
  • Repeat, to repeat the last action or action group

with Mp3tag v3.20a.

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