Suggestion: Set preferred substitution character for filenames

At present, when you use 'Tag To Filename', characters that are not supported in filenames (e.g. "?", "/", or ":") are simply dropped from the tag in the conversion to a filename.

Would it be possible to have a configuration/preference option, where Mp3Tag could be configured to replace these unsuppported characters with a user-definable character.


At present "Love/Hate - Track" is converted to "LoveHate - Track.mp3".
If the unsupported character could be replaced with a user-defined character, e.g. "_" or "-", then this could be converted to "Love_Hate - Track.mp3"

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Probably, but no such option exists now.
Instead, use the $validate function.

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Yep, that's why it was a Suggestion/Enhancement Request, rather than a 'how do I'. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the scripting suggestion, though - that was exactly what I needed.

You could use $replace() where you set the replacement pairs.
$validate() allows to set one substitute for all illegal charachters.

I myself use the Tag - Filename icon with such format string


and I have an action that does the opposite conversion

The problem I have with this is that the § sign is not present on the keyboard as a key - but on the other hand nobody uses this sign in titles so it will not result titles becoming messed up / chaotic with time

But I bet I could buy some programmable keyboard that has extra keys that could be set to use that and other signs. Or try using the ¿ as apparently it is not illegal