Suggestion: Show Extended Tags in the Tag Panel

I would like the option of viewing the extended tags dialog in the tag panel instead of in a window. If this option was enabled, the tag panel could have tabs to switch between the regular and extended view (like the Opera sidebar).

You could stretch the panel out if you needed to see more of the tag contents.

This seems more intuitive to me and would be extremely useful as I use the extended tags dialog extensively.

Please consider.

Edit: Alternative thought - have a tag panel option to "Show All Available Fields of Selected Files" instead of choosing a fixed set of tag fields. That way the drop down list showing field values would be available for each field present in the tag if multiple tracks are selected.

The default list of fields reflects the V1-standard of fields. These fields, in a way, are the minimum.
You can extend the list of fields with the function File>Options>Tag Panel.
This not flexible, though (I see what you mean).

I also think that the Tag Panel could have tabs to switch between the regular and extended view in order to allow fast and comfortable switching between standard (regular) and extended tags.


For me the main thing is to see the same drop down showing tag values in addition to and . At the moment in extended tags of multiple files you only see or .

This would be a superb addition to Mp3tag.