Suggestion : show tag groups in the tag panel

The tag panel shows by default some basic tags; then the user can add other predefined tags, or build and add his own tags and that's a great feature. But when tagging with details, the number of fields in the tag panel can increase quickly; so the tag panel becomes a bit uncomfortable with a long unstructured list of entry fields (we can only choose their order in the list). It's sometimes difficult to find a field in the list.

It would be nice if the user could define logical groups of tags (album tags, composer tags, work tags, performer tags, track tags ...) and distribute the tags he needs into these groups. The tag panel would then show these groups.

A minimal approach : the user can only insert separators and group labels in the existing tag panel to give it a more structured view.

A more complex one would be to detail the existing tag panel level in the mp3tag options :
- add a level to manage the tags (actually the tag panel root level)
- add a level to manage tag groups (with their order in the tag panel)
- add a level to manage the tag distribution in the tag groups (with their order in the group)

The tag panel could use a control that offers expand/collapse capabilities for the groups.

What is your feedback about this suggestion? other ideas to improve the tag panel usage with many tags?

We enter a discussion of the purpose of the tag panel.
The tag panel can be hidden, the file list cannot. So apparently the tag panel has different function than the files list.
For me the tag panel has the function to supply an entry box for a number of selected tracks in which each of a certain field/tag should get the same information. This saves me repetitive copying and pasting or turning to edit mode and then pasting.
In database terms you have 1:n relations. One artist can have many albums, one album can have many titles etc. But sampler behave in a completely different way.
Some tags are unique to a track, e.g. length, track number, composer, bpm, even year.
The tag panel in its current design acknowledges mainly the v1-standard and its tags but allows to add some more.
I can see that other people (like you) apparently use the tag panel in a different fashion than I do, so I most certainly will not dispise that way. I only want to make the point that currently I am happy with the way things work in mp3tag and that for my approach I have found the right mixture of the use of the tag panel and the files list.
I would, on the other hand, support any suggestion to make the tag panel even more flexible in the way entry boxes can be arranged - perhaps such a notion would also lead to the grouping.

maybe i was not very clear but i think you misunderstand my purpose : like you i consider the tag panel as an entry tool and i don't replace the file view by the tag panel ; the groups would be simply a way to add flexibility and visibility to the tag panel when using many tags, in an entry purpose.

So our purposes don't seem so different :rolleyes: