Suggestion: some more info from Amazon

I just discovered Mp3tag, thanks the announcement at Hydrogenaudio. Simply great: simple and efficient. So glad I found it! :w00t:
I just registered to submit a suggestion. :wink:

It would be great to have the possibility to retrieve album information through other foreign Amazon (especially French and Japanese, and why not UK too). US and german catalogs are often missing some particular (local) releases.

Would it be possible to include the editorial review if available in the retrieval and tag it as comment?

Can you make this possible?


Edit: The first request was the fruit of my ignorance <_<

Other languages are here:
I must check if review is possible..

Thanks a lot!
I should have been investigating in understanding how Mp3Tag is working :laughing: Whoa! Great!

I was stupidly thinking the option didn't exist that as I didn't saw it.
And I must have dug into the forum and Mp3Tag possibilities before asking...

Web source framework is THE feature. Maybe I should make the request in the appropriate forum then (or this post should be moved into it)?