Suggestion: Sort related columns


Hi, I would like to suggest an improvement on the search function. I think it would be very usefull if sorting a column automatically sorts related columns. For example, when you sort on album, it should sort on track as well (right now tracks are mangled up within an album when you sort on album). Sorting on artist would probably have to implicate sorting on album and track number as well.

Suggestions for column relationships:

Album -> Track number/title (sort on title if no track number is available)
Artist -> Album -> Track number/title
Genre -> Artist -> Album -> Track number/title
Year -> Album -> Track number/title


I cannot verify this, but I do not know for sure why. There is no sorting key in album column but all tracks are properly sorted.

You can define your own sorting keys in the column dialog.

Album -> Track number/title (sort on title if no track number is available)
you may use sort key

Be aware that some fields need to be sorted numerical, e. g. track number.



Also the order by which you click on the columns titles is the reverse order by which they are sorted. For example click "Track" then "Album" then "Artist" and the resulting order is Artist sorted alphabetically, then within each Artist, the Albums are sorted alphabetically, and finally each album's track are sorted numerically.

You can therefore create any sorting order you wish (column-wise).