Suggestion: 'Splice' command for WS

Hello everyone.

I'm developing a (new) iTunes script and I've hit a wall. I'll try to explain my problem:

I would like to be able to select/input cover size for an iTunes source script. So far I've been able to 'cheat' a value in the "CurrentUrl" output, as

Total output:
output["CurrentUrl"]= where &width=1200 is the value I want.

This would be "easily" achieved if there was a way to 'splice' an output S into the current buffer, as in (example):

Script-Line : xx
Command : splice
Parameter 1 : Output "CurrentUrl" (or another)

Output : ><

Line and position:
.... ^

would return

Line and position:

or some command akin to Replace where the second parameter would be an output. Then with further processing I could get the "1200" value to the artwork url.

PS: I know about 'Adjust cover' that would achieve the same purpose for this example, but a 'Splice' command could have other uses regarding WS scripting.

Thank you.

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