Suggestion/Support of DSF files

Recent development of sacd-ripper application for Sony Playstation 3 allowed for obtaining both multichannel and stereo DSF format files. Burned on a DVD blank media using DSD Disc syntax these files can be played on Sony PS3 (any model). Undocumented support of multichannel DSD Disc has been recently discovered.
The major tagging software for DSF files is Korg Audiogate. However, this application does not support ID3v2 tagging for multichannel DSF files. I believe that this gap can be eliminated by using mp3tag. So please consider this suggestion in future upgrades. Album thumbnail looks great when properly tagged DSF files are played on PS3.

DSF files can be played back by a number of Windows and Mac applications as well.

fyi - DSF_file_format_specification_E.pdf

I agree. I would love to see DSF tagging supported in MP3Tag. it is already my go-to tagger, but with my catalog of ripped SACD's growing by leaps and bounds, and with DSF allowing ID3V2 tagging, please think about allowing this new growing market to thrive, and exclusively in MP3TAG.