Suggestion: Tag-Filename mini-preview not to silently truncate

Tag - Filename mini-preview can silently truncate, and way short of the available space too.

E.g. the value:

S:\Rename test\ttango WMA\tango_084273281_fresh_double\08427328146012-1_Francisco_Canaro_40_Grandes_Exitos\01-Francisco_Canaro_-_Instrumental A_Media_Luz_170dfd14.wma.wma

can be displayed:

S:\Rename test\ttango

Please add some indication that truncation has occurred e.g. postpend '…'.

Added ... with Mp3tag v2.40 on truncation.

Perfect - thanks!

It would be great to have this on other displayed user strings e.g. tag/info strings in Properties.

I've added ... to the strings displayed at the properties dialog with the current Development Build v2.40a.

Kind regards,