Suggestion: tag to filename with /

Sorry if this has been asked or suggested before.

Some files I get have a / in the song or album title, I don't think I've ever seen it in the artist name. When I use tag->filename it just removes the / completely.
It would be nice if there was something to give the user's a choice on what to replace illegal characters with. But not just a general replacement, well have that as an option as well, but a list of what characters are illegal to have in a Windows file name and the user gets to choose which to replace it with.

I normally replace / for - but if it's a ? then I just leave it off.
I don't run across too many *, but when I do I again use -
However that's just me, other people have different preferences as to what to replace those characters with.

You can use scripting functions like $replace() or $validate().