Suggestion - Track Count Addition


I want to express my heartfelt appreciation for the incredible value your application has brought into my life. The convenience it offers has truly been a game-changer, saving me an abundance of time on a daily basis. It's safe to say that your application has become an integral part of my routine, significantly streamlining various aspects of my life.

While the overall experience has been fantastic, there's a small suggestion I've been pondering each time I sync with Discogs. If the columns could display the number of tracks associated with each located result, it would undoubtedly enhance the usability. This feature would make it considerably more convenient to identify the precise release I'm searching for amidst the results. I've taken the liberty of attaching a screenshot below for reference.

Once again, thank you for your remarkable application and your continuous dedication to improving user experiences. Your efforts are genuinely appreciated.

Here is a similar idea:

which links to a German thread that asks for the total number ... but there the result is:
That number is not returned by discogs at that stage, it is only available for the releases.

I see. Thank you for showing me the other thread and the quick response.

Perhaps adding a button that "fetches" the tracks data for every row in this state, instead of having to double click on each of them?