Suggestion: Warning before 'Undo'

Can you perhaps put in a warning prompt if one hits Ctrl-Z, before performing the actual undo? I think this would prevent a lot of frustration from unintentional undo's.

I run into this situation a lot. I have modified a file or bunch of files at once (in one operation), then moved on to another file. I make a typo while typing in one of the tag fields and hit Ctrl-Z to undo it, expecting it to just undo my typing, a standard text box feature (like the text box I am writing this post in right now). Instead, it silently undoes all the changes I made to the previously modified file(s), not the selected one I am looking at, at worst leaving me unaware of what happened, at best making me wish there was a 'Redo' function. These accidental changes may be hard to repair from memory, especially if I do not realize what has happened until some time later, or worse, repeat the mistake multiple times.

I guess an alternate suggestion would be to make it possible to disable or remap Undo to another key.

Just a suggestion, and thanks for a great program.

I have used many programs and have yet to find one that warns you are about to undo your last command. (I'm just grateful there is one as its saved my ass many a time :slight_smile:

ctrl+z isin't so much a typo but a user error in this case, because you dont want to undo your previous command as its the one your currently in is the one you want to 'undo' so to speak.

Your solution is to either hit 'ESC' on your keyboard or hit 'cancel' on a dialog box to cancel out of your current task.

I agree with you completely that it is a user error, by definition, and your solution is fine and appropriate. Also, keyboard shortcuts in general are a power-user kind of thing, who should have no excuse or complaint. I didn't even know there was an 'Undo' until I learned the hard way. Ultimately, however the developer likes it, that's the way it should be.

I also won't argue that my suggestions, including the warning prompt, are inelegant at best. I was just throwing out ideas.

But I do think taking into account widely-followed conventions would be a (average-) user-friendly to do. I know that 'conventions' are subjective things in themselves. As for myself, I cannot think of any programs I have used where hitting Ctrl-Z while_typing_in_a_text_box did not undo that typing, but instead carried out some other irreversible operation that was not readily apparent to the user.

Just an opinion, even if it is an outlier.

What i was doing was trying to help you out with your problem at-hand. Its now up to the developer to see this thread and implement at best an option for this. Personally I would find it annoying getting notified about hitting ctrl+Z. If you think about it hitting ESC or cancel is undoing an action, therefore its like ctrl+Z in another application.

A better option would be to implement Ctrl-Y "Redo" functionality.


I've done a quick look amoungst the threads, but the only reply the developer has made was way back in 2006!

See this thread.

Its in German so I've googled translated what Florian the developer has said.

"Such a function is not even scheduled to be honest."