Suggestion / Wish for option to Paste text onto Multiple Lines

Mp3Tag is so powerful that I use this app as my default audio file Renamer.
For simple add / replace / delete of text in a filename there are, to be honest,
some 'more user-friendly' apps (for non-technical type of users) out there with
a nice and tidy interface (eg Winsome File Renamer). Yes, Mp3Tag can itself,
without any reference to tags, add / replace / delete using $replace and $regex etc.

But there is one Renaming task that Mp3Tag, and many other Renaming apps, cannot do (or if some can,
not in a user-friendly simple manner). And that is to be able to simply paste a list of text over an existing
list of text (eg filenames or, for that matter, a column of tag data).
One app that can do this is "Everything". So I have an Action in Mp3Tag that in effect transfers selected filenames in Mp3Tag to Everything.
But it would be nice if Mp3Tag allowed pasting of multi-line text in any of its columns (eg the %artist% tag column), but especially the Filename column (perhaps, as in Everything, this can be done in a separate pop-up dialog box with two sections - old text lines / pasteable new text lines - before transferring the 'new' column of text back into the main Mp3Tag window).

If you use the function "Convert>Textfile-Tag" then you have it.
see the help for more details:

And just by the way: the program is called MP3tag - so it is intended for tagging. If you have your tags filled properly the you can rename your files in a probably much more consistent way than to fiddle about with only the filename in the first place.

Thanks for your response. I predicted a focus by some users on tabs (fair enough), but MP3tag has potential to, and in fact probably does, satisfy a far wider user base. I use MP3tag's Convert>Tag-Filename a lot, but my prime focus is efficiently constructing the filename. Your alternative solutions work well, but involve extra steps, which matters when you want to rename countless batches of audio files.
( currently, if I want to prefix a filename with, say, artist [and the artist tag is blank] I use Convert>Filename-Filename > %1 > 'artist-name' - %1 ). But an Action with an $input function would be quicker and easier.
In fact, if MP3tag is just for fiddling with tags, why is there a Convert>Filename-Filename option :slight_smile:

I don't understand: you know the artist name and then you put it first into the filename instead of the artist field?
There are so many ways that lead to Rome: Your example could just as nicely be achieved with the Convert>Tag-Tag function for _FILENAME and the
Format string: %artist% - %_filename%
Format string: ABBA - %_filename%
or even better: import the data from the filename into the corresponding fields, then use Convert>Tag-Filename with e.g.
Format string: %artist% _ %album% _ $num(%track%,2) _ %title%