Suggestions for 2 New Features

I've been doing a lot of actions lately and these are two features that I'm really missing.

  1. Custom Keyboard Shortcuts for running Actions, or at least a shortcut to run the last run action
    (e.g. Excel uses F4 shortcut to repeat last operation effortlessly).
    This is especially useful when running the same action several times on some repetitive tasks.
    It is also useful when you've got dozens of Actions (as I do) and it's tough to navigate amongst them all.

  2. Copy-Paste operation of only Selected Fields, instead of always ALL the fields.
    This would be very useful when:

  1. copying partial information from old files;
  2. updating part of the information from tracks.

Florian, I hope you can take a look at these. :wink:
But thank you for everything you've done already.

In a way both functions are already there.
1: if you add an & to the action name, then Alt-1+letter behind the & is the shortcut.

  1. If you select all the files that need updating plus the one that has the information that should be copied then you can use the tag panel and the drop-down list to select the desired value. Repeat that for all the fields and then save the information.
    It is a little different from the ordinary copy&paste approach but it is there.

Thank you for your help ohrenkino, but...

  1. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to work (I'm using the very last version 2.61a. Just downloaded it).
    whenever I press Alt+<any digit from 1-6> it will call the conversion dialog and alt+6 will call the Actions dialog box. So those shortcuts are all already taken by the application itself. :frowning: The other will beep the PC (that means error... or unknown shortcut) So I wouldn't even be able to press the letter after that...

I just found out a few days ago about the use of the cardinal (#) for grouping which was one of the features I was going to ask for. :slight_smile:
So what you said makes sense and would be interesting and could be a solution.
But is there another shortcut? Like Shift+Alt+Letter or something?

  1. Your purposal is not what I need and meant.
    What you purpose is copying one field at a time.
    I mean copying all fields that I want from a track (or several if I select them) and pasting them onto another in just one time. Literally as in Copy + past, or actually exactly the same way Mp3Tag already does. It's just that I would love to have an option to say which fields should be copied during that action, instead of ALL, as it is now.
    A bit similiar to the options that already exist to say which tags to remove when the Remove button is pressed. :wink:

Yes, you are right, sorry, it is Alt-A.

Now: if you have an action like "Capitalize First Letter" and you want to assign a shortcut then rename it to
&Captitalize First Letter
and you can call it with the combination

As for the second thing: AFAIK there is currently no way to select individual fields of a file with the mouse. Or the keyboard. So in general, there is no way to select individual fields for copying.
Or is there?
The way I see it:
You select one file that has the master data. You copy the data.
Now you select the target files. And ... would have to have a dialogue which lets you select the fields that should get updated.
This is one concept I could think of.

The implemented concept however is a little different:
You select all the files, the source and the target file.
You then select in the tag panel the field where you want to update the data and select the data from the dropdown list.
Repeat this for all fields (this then is sort of the dialogue to select the fields).
Then press save.
This approach also has a solution for ambiguities if you have selected more than one file as source file. You can determine the best data for each field even though it may come from different sources.
Also, you do not have to disable the pasting, if more than one file had been selected during copy.
The effect is the same: you copy selected data from one file to many others.

Just another personal note: I think both concepts still have a little snag: they only work with fields that are already visible in the tag panel (or if you stick to the c&p solution from the files list) as a column.
It would be even better, if the dropdown-list mechanism would not only work in the tag panel but also in the Extended Tags dialogue. AFAIK you do not get any suggestions in the Extended Tags dialogue.

  1. As I told you in the last post (see my 1.), once I press Alt+6 it opens the Actions Dialogue, and pressing any other key beeps the PC (meaning error, so it does not recognise that).

However I did find that if you bring up the Actions Menu (not the dialogue box) and then press that assigned key it will call up that action if it is in the main group (which in my case it was not).
So that works only in the context of a menu, and not outside. So, it's not a keyboard shortcut, which by definition works outside of a menu/dialog box in the context of the application.
No luck here. :frowning:

  1. I already know there is no way of selecting individual fields, that's why I'm making this proposal in the first place. :wink:

I'm not thinking of something complex or far fetched. Just an Option like in Menu > Tags > Mpeg that applies to Copy->Paste operations.

First: regular Paste All fields (_ALL pseudo-tag, just like it is now)
Second: NEW Paste Only pre-selected fields
(optional fields selected by the user in Options: ARTIST, YEAR, ALBUM, TITLE, etc.)

So a simple predefined option like that would be more that enough for most cases.
Just that. :slight_smile:

Do you want to have something that can be activated by the keyboard or does it have to follow some fancy rules?
An Alt-A-C (example) is just as convenient as a Shift-Ctrl-1 - you have to press 3 keys.
If you want to have the same from a deeper level of the menu and you have applied the #-solution, then you have to label the grouping name also with an &, e.g.
&cases#Capitalize &1 letter

I have gathered so much ...
Only that I think that the current solution with the tag panel is more flexible than

I would find it a lot more cumbersome to remember what pasting option I have set last time.
Going to File>Options>Menu>Copy&Paste (just an example)
is just as time consuming as selecting the data from the dropdown lists in the tag panel.
To me it does not seem to be a real advantage in comparison to the method with the tag panel.
It is a different approach, perhaps special and you have to get used to it. But once you are, it is just as easy.
BTW: in File>Options>Tag Panel > Defaults you can set default values for most common fields.
So perhaps this covers some of your requirements.

  1. A keyboard shortcut follows any "fancy rule"? Which one is that for, say: Ctrl+C? :slight_smile:
    But if you understand it that way, then no keyboard shortcut should be used and then this discussion is useless.

  2. I meant an option to cover the so called "Paste Only" option that I propose. Just for that. The regular Copy-Paste should stay as it is. This is useful if you have dozens of copy/past actions to do in the same project, in irregular pattern of files, which you cannot simply select to export and import, or would be much more complex and time consuming to build a specific export and export procedure for that.

But it's not the end of the world living without it.
This is an improvement, not a critical feature. :slight_smile:

Florian might consider it, if it doesn't take too much time to develop.
That's my hope anyway. :slight_smile: