Hi again,

I was wondering if it is possible to add 2 mouse gestures.

The first is to select tracks in the middle of a bunch of songs with the right button (like in explorer.) I know you can use click CRTL click to select, but it would be easier and I can keep resting my head on my left hand!

The second is to be able to move tracks around by left clicking the song and dragging it to the position you want it to occupy in the list. For example, you realise that the numbering is wrong and you want to put the first song of the list in the 5th position, the 10th is the 9th and so on. If you could move them around in the list and then you renumber it would be perfect.

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You must a different key assignment. AFAIK, in explorer does a right-click open the context menu.

You can modify the sequence in a given list by using the ALT+left-click-drag to move a file.

It would be nice, when the track dragging feature could be user defined, using the [MouseWheelClick] alternatively, instead of [Alt+PrimaryMouseButton].


Again thanks for the quick answers. The second is brilliant, thanks.
For the first In explorer if you click right and drag down or up and then let go you can select several files or folders (to rename/play/delete etc.)
Can this be done here?

The catch-rectangle opens up just like in Explorer if you start that in a non-editable column (just like Explorer).

The Mp3tag main window has two areas (so far as I know), where you can start to mouse-drag a selection frame:

  • between the leftmost margin of the main window and the track icon symbol
  • in the free area down under the last track
    Using primary or secondary mouse button is allowed.

In general, using the mouse in Mp3tag is a speed brake.
There are several keyboard shortcuts you can use with Mp3tag ...

Once there is a selection established, then the selection can be dragged by ...

  • [Alt+PrimaryMouseClick]
  • [Alt+CursorUp] (1 line up)
  • [Alt+CursorDown] (2 lines down) (1 line down) since Mp3tag v2.71
  • [Alt+PageUp] (top of the list)
  • [Alt+PageDown] (bottom of the list)

DD.20140427.1609.CEST, DD.20150731.1236.CEST

Only if you start it at the bottom.
If you want to select say 5 tracks in the middle, it doesn't work.