I swapped from an older version to 2.39. Generally I'm satisfied with the new features, but

I'd love to see

  • a return of the easy shortcuts converters for tag to name like:
    %a - %n %t instead of the new:
    %artist% - %track% %title%

  • an easier trackconverter from 1 to 01 (important for portable players, otherwise they will play track 1, 10, 11,... 19...2, 21, 22 etc. Not nice for live concerts

  • generally easier access (I especially like the easy-to-use auto-format instead of many prompts.)
    Maybe it'll be easier to add to the options menue, so that you can adjust the program once and be quicker in day-to-day usage

  • minor issue: adjusting columns via the mouse instead of using yet another menue